The English Anvil

All our items are hand forged by master craftsmen using traditional English blacksmithing methods. The designs are based on timeless classics but hand - forging means non two pieces are identical, each one a unique yet functional work of art that will only enhance it's setting.


Beeswax Finish - The Beeswax products in the collection have the most authentic finish produced by us, they have a natural metal look and feel to them.

All products with this finish are treated with a speceal wax importing subtle matt richness to the metal. This gives excellant protection where products are fitted internally and maintained.

Traditional Black Finish  -  There are many advantages to using the powder coating process over conventional paints.

Powder coating providesan attractive and durable corrosion resistant finish

The traditional black finish can last for many years so it's an exellent low maintenance option for exterior or interior ironmongomery applications.