Environmental Statement Policy
We pride ourselves on being on environmentally friendly Company and work very hard to make sure that all wood used in our products originates from plantation or managed forests, ensuring that not only will our products last for generations but the forests will also survive. All oak that we currently use is from the UK and Europe and has PEFC / FSC certification which we have verified ourselves.

Timber has the potential to regenerate and provide an infinite supply for future generations. Wood is recyclable, waste efficient, biodegradable and non-toxic. The timber industry has a significant role to play in continuing to harvest and replant forests ensuring they are valued and not lost to agricultural or industrial use, consequently as an industry we are planting more trees than ever before. Worldwide increasing recognition of local forestry good practice is being endorsed by National Forest Policy.

Instances of well-managed sustainable timber production are widespread; however the limitations of existing certification schemes make it almost impossible to specify only certified timber. Certification may well be the key to future Environmental Policy specification; with this in mind we have contacted our suppliers to seek clarifications of the measure they are taking to promote sustainable productions. In most instances clear assurances have been forthcoming. This is in line with the government commissioned public procurement strategy, aimed at progressive improvement to establish that timber is derived from legal sources (a minimum requirement) and is harvested in a sustainable way under an inclusive approach recognising a range of certification schemes. These include the Pan European Forest Certification Schemes, Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiatives.

All of our suppliers are now able to supply certified timber; please ask us fo futher information on the certification status of timber.