Wenlock with window light
Wenlock with window light

We can manufacture side or above window lights to compliment the solid oak door

The Wenlock is a magnificent solid oak period door, hand made by our skilled craftsmen to the highest of standards.

Size  -  Bespoke

22mm - 70mm solid oak vertical boards, filleted with floating tongs. The boards are fastened with 3 or 4 ledges on the back  -  using medium rose-head nails with large headed hand made nails on the face.
Oak  - English or French prime 1, character QF2 grade or QF4 / 5
Overall door thickness  -  40mm - 70mm

This solid oak exterior door can be glazed or left un-glazed and stained in light, medium or dark.

We recommend our oil dip service for all exterior products.

Our Crafting Process
Situated in the Midlands & North Yorkshire, Bespoke Oak Doors specialise in the manufacture of traditional oak doors supplying the whole of Britain and Europe.

Years of commitment to producing a first class product have made us one of the countries leading traditional oak door manufacturers.

Reproducing the charm and character of traditional workmanship, solid pieces of oak are hand-worked in our workshops using old techniques.

Only the finest English and French Oak is used. Each piece is carefully chosen & kiln dried to prevent warping and disfiguration. We manufacture designs using traditional styles. Solid pieces of Oak are used in the construction of the doors.
We manufacture designs using traditional styles. Solid pieces of English and European Oak are used in the construction of the doors. Each board is interlocked using floating tongues and filleted joints, fixed to cross ledges using rose-head nails. Using this method of construction produces a solid and safe structure which has an excellent resistance to fire.

Each door is individually made by skilled craftsmen and finished in Dark, Medium Light stain or left natural to accommodate our clients preferences. We also offer a Wax & Polish service aswell as oil dip which is recommended for all exteior products.

All machine work is done in-house.